Hiroshi Nakatani

1.Being particular about cotton buds

“Responsibility” and “pride” for production of cotton buds.

Since our foundation, we have been committed “to producing products to satisfy our customers.” In other words, we are responsible for our products and are proud of satisfying our customers.
This policy leads to product development to meet future customer needs, internal development of devices to enable these needs, and technological innovation.
We provide cotton buds used cleanly as they are individually packed, enjoyable designed printed stems and HUBY obtained a high market share as cotton buds for industrial use including cotton buds in a round container popular at home, to the world.

2.Management philosophy

We try to be company that can share the happiness, through Sanyo.

We have pushed forward with our work, in order to provide “safety and security” and “satisfaction” by developing, producing and selling high quality and value-added cotton buds.
As a result, employee and their family will be happy, community will be happy on the employment or tax payment fronts.
And make more customers be happy through Sanyo’s products.
This is our philosophy we create, “We try to be company that can share the happiness, through Sanyo.”

3.Vision in the future

Environment surrounding us such as protracted depression, low birthrate and aging society, and strong yen, grows increasingly severe.
However, we are sure that Japan’s unique concern for products and product that have come out of pursuit of value are the universal needs.
Now that we have expanded our business overseas in 2008, we fulfill the expectations of the society as a true global company, and we are working toward to be the company needed by the society.

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