Corporate information Corporate history

Corporate history

1967 Started business as Sanyo Kogyosho, precursor of current Sanyo
1969 Internally developed “the first cotton bud manufacturing machine”
1973 Started manufacturing cotton balls
1975 Obtained the patent for manufacturing ear pick head cotton buds
1980 Changed registration status from an individual to a corporation. Sanyo Co., Ltd. was established.
1982 Moved to the current address in Tondabayashi Complex for Small and Medium-Sized Companies
1983 Authorized to manufacture cotton buds for medical use by Ministry of Health and Welfare
1986 Introduced first-in-the-industry “cotton buds packed in a round container”
1990 Introduced “HUBY” cotton buds for industrial use
1995 Opened Tokyo office
2003 ISO9001 (2000 ver.) certified
2003 Introduced Disney series cotton buds
2005 Clean Cross Co.,Ltd. was established.
2007 Introduced cotton buds for consumer use named “Japanese high quality product series”
2008 Established Sanyo Vietnam Co.,Ltd.
2009 Had migrated to ISO9001 (2008 ver.)
2011 Moved Tokyo office to Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku

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