Management philosophy

Management philosophy

We try to be company that can share the happiness, through Sanyo.

・Make customers happy
・Make employees happy
・Make community happy

quality policy

Creation of our products, every single staff executes with their pride,
self-confidence and responsibility for customers' fulfillment.

Toward to manufacturing that satisfy customers.

Toward to manufacturing that satisfy customers, Sanyo develop exclusively in development of planning, production, and technology.

We produce dozens of own brand products suited to customer's needs that diversified their obsessions recently, from slim cotton ball type, lumpy and sticky type, to black cotton buds with Bincho charcoal.

This is the result that we pursue manufacturing that satisfy customers.

Being particular about “Made in Japan”

Sanyo is particular about materials, production and quality since foundation.
We adopt exclusive inspection systems, we take special care to something invisible, like microbial and antibacterial test.
These obsessions support Sanyo’s high-quality, safe and secure cotton buds.

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