The production of novelties

How about familiar cotton buds for sales promotion and PR of your company?

How about cotton buds using original designs for novelties or sales promotion tool?
We can offer highly original products by the combination of, color and shape of cotton ball, phrase and pattern of stem.
At last, novelty cotton buds, offered by cotton buds manufacturer, starts!

Safety and security as they are made in Japan.

Sanyo is very particular about production process or quality management as well as materials of cotton buds.
All materials are provided by Japanese high-technology manufactures, who understand our thoughts.
Safety and security as we produce at the plant in Japan.

About novelties

To companies considering the novelties

Cotton buds are best suited to the novelties.
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Work process to delivery

From business negotiation to delivery
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Cotton buds simulator

Simulate to produce your original cotton buds!!
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Introduction of results

Novelties produced by Sanyo.
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FAQ about production of novelties
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