The production of novelties To companies considering the novelties

Cotton buds are very suited to the novelties.

Recently, people who use cotton buds at home or work are increasing.
The average number of cotton buds used a day per-capita is said to be one or two.
It can expect advertising effects by even 100 cotton buds, as they are put a prominent places like dressers or around desks.

The combination of Package and color is flexible.

Sanyo offers highly original product, by the combination of cotton head shape, stem design and package design.
Cotton buds are very suited to the novelties as they can expect advertising effects for a long time.
Please try cotton bud simulator and combine color and shape!


Cotton head. Stem

Printable stem

Corresponding to the round container with seal

Corresponding to the bag item with seal

To popular Black cotton buds

To carrying case

Convenient for distribution

For free gift of plastic bottle beverage

For wedding gift

Design on the stem

Candy-colored cotton ball

Simulate to produce your original cotton buds, actually.
Cotton buds simulator

Work process to delivery

Standard delivery

About 45 days after the finishing proofreading. Delivery date is vary according to product, quantity, design, delivery area or period of production.
Confirm with sales staff about concrete schedule.


Confirm with sales staff, as it varies according to production lot, design, delivery condition and the number of colors


Diversion of existing product: The same as our existing product.
New: determine quality standard at the meeting

Place where you can print name or original design, color you can use, and so on.

Vary according to product.

Display of legal description and CSR-related are designed by us.
Confirm with the sales staff about details.

  • ※Please give consideration not to infringe on other’s copyright, portrait rights or trademark.
  • ※According to the content of design, we might require the time, or not be able to accept the order. Confirm with the sales staff early.

Inquiry about the production of novelties

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Reception time:9:00-17:00(Except for Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, the year-end and New Year holidays and summer holidays)

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