Cotton buds for general use Printed Stems Line

110 Pretty-Fluffy cotton buds in a round container
Fluffy type

  • Cleaning ears
  • After a bath or swimming

Fluffy feeling has risen!

Fluffy feeling has risen by 30% as compared with normal big type.
Higher absorbent cotton buds with the obsession of artisans, appeared!

110 count
Head design/ Fluffy type

Feature / When to use

Product specification


Absorbent cotton/paper stem/antibacterial agent: chitosan (surfaces of the cotton head and paper stem)

[JAN]4936613091127 [GTIN]14936613091124

Volume Specs Size(mm) Weight
110count Single pack W81×D81×H85 74g
Medium box MA NA
60packs Carton W414×D250×H345 4.9g


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