Cotton buds for general use Printed Stems Line

Varied selection suited to your various needs.

There are many ways to use sanitary cotton buds.
Including cleaning ears and computers, and after a bath or swimming.
Sanyo products various type cotton buds suited to your needs.

Product Categories

Printed Stems Line

110 Pretty-Fluffy cotton buds in a round container

Fluffy type

Fluffy feeling has risen!

Fluffy feeling has risen by 30% as compared with normal big type.
Higher absorbent cotton buds with the obsession of artisans, appeared!

110 count
Head design/ Fluffy type

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110 cotton buds with Osaka dialect fortunes in a round container


Fortune with cotton buds?

Have fun with 12 kinds of fortunes and 42kinds of Osaka dialects, with cotton buds!

110 count
Head design/ Big

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