Cotton swabs for medical use New disposable Cotton swabs wound by hand with a needle

New disposable Cotton swabs wound by hand with a needle 
(For otolaryngological use)

Laborsaving of nurses

Sanitary as they are wound cotton in advance, save nurses a lot of effort to wind cotton or post-processing.

Processing of cotton ball is the same way as hand-wound

Cotton ball part is 100% absorbent cotton, and soft as it is.

New material stems make it possible to disposable single-use.

They have elasticity, flexion shape retention like wire as the same as Conventional winding-cotton-needle.
Moreover, they are burnable.

Cotton ball and stem part are connected with special processing.

Any glue or adhesive are not used at all.

With a handle in cotton

Nice to touch, easy to hold and hard to slip.

HUBY-COTIX EN4-50M 4mm diameter Cotton swabs wound by hand with a needle (50 sticks)

[Feature] 6”specially toughened plastic stem/4.0mm cotton ball (cotton ball like hand-wound) with a handle/heat sealed pack of 50 count (sterilized paper)
・50 count
・Head design/4mm diameter

Product specification

[Ingredients]Absorbent cotton/specially toughened plastic stem [JAN]4936613090335

Volume Spec Size(mm) Weight
100packs Single pack W110×D8×H250 16g
Medium box W260×D150×H115 250g
10packs×10boxes Carton W585×D275×H320 3.1kg
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