Cotton swabs for medical use Pure Cotton swabs for medical use.

Pure Cotton swabs for medical use.

Surface like 100% pure cotton is a feature.

Adhesive (CMC etc.) is not used at all to form cotton balls.
Cotton surface is formed by entanglement of cotton fiber, using a special method (PAT.P).
For this reason softness of this is like 100% pure cotton, and is lint-less.

Ball-surface treatment of conventional Cotton swabs
Ball-surface treatment of HUBY-COTIX

HUBY-COTIX 610-S-1 6” Pure Soft

[Feature] 6” wood stem single/9.5mm cotton ball (pure soft)/individual pack with sterilized paper
・2400 count
・Head design/Regular

Product specification

[Ingredients]Absorbent cotton/wood stem [JAN]49366130099215

Volume Spec Size(mm) Weight
2400count Single pack W200×D10×H25 1g
Medium box W315×D225×H150 446g
240count×10boxes Carton W470×D330×H790 5.5kg
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