Cotton buds made in Japan with “safety and reassurance”

Cotton buds made in Japan are high-quality, safety and reassurance

Sanyo is very particular about materials, manufacturing and quality since foundation.
In materials, Japanese high-technology manufacturers, who understand our thoughts, are providing it.
In manufacturing, the Know-how and obsession, which we concentrate single-mindedly on cotton buds for 30 years, condensed in it.
Sanyo continues efforts to meet customer’s various requests, not only pleasant appearance, but also feeling from firm to fluffy.
In quality, we adopt exclusive inspection systems, to provide safe and secure cotton buds.
For example, we take special care to something invisible, like dust particle inspection, microbial and antibacterial test.
These obsessions support Sanyo’s high-quality, safe and secure cotton buds.

Exclusive manufacturing and inspection systems

Sanyo adopt exclusive manufacturing and inspection systems.
We inspect our products under the strict standards we set ourselves, by means of the precision equipments like measurement hardware, camera, metal detector and microscope. We have checking items at the phase of manufacturing process, and the only products which pass the acid tests by operators, leaders of each team, and members of the quality assurance department, will be shipped to the customers.
People who join our factory tour, often says “Why is this defective?”
Without being satisfied about the present, however, we work in research and development in an effort to provide safer and more secure products to customers.

High-quality by the accumulated technology

Sanyo has exclusive technology to create people-friendly cotton buds.
To create people-friendly cotton buds, it’s very important not only technology, but also machine precision.
“Specialists, who know cotton buds perfectly, build machines!”
This is the one of secrets of Sanyo’s high-quality.
Furthermore, Sanyo has many highly-skilled artisans.
The condition of cotton varies delicately, depending on hygrothermal environment, because cotton is alive.
In response to this, they put cotton into trim within standard as if it were nothing.
This is Sanyo’s cotton buds, technologies of specialists condensed to.

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