Cotton buds made in Japan with “safety and reassurance” Plant information

The production line based on our own design

I am Tanaka, the manager of the production department.
In our production line, the Know-how and obsession, which we concentrate single-mindedly on cotton buds for 30 years, condensed to twisting and shaping cotton, which is most important in the manufacturing process.
We introduce a part of the production line of cotton buds.
※He doffs a mask for the photo.

The work was shared by the sections, group A to D.

In Sanyo, the work is shared by the sections, team A to D.
There are great skills on each process.

Team A
1st floor
Cotton buds for babies, Acceptance of small package, Black cotton buds
Team A
2nd floor
Product for Industrial use(HUBY)
Team B Cotton buds for medical use, Individual pack,
Cosmetic-related (wet, oil series)
Team C STD※1200 cotton buds、JEP※2 pair pack
D班 Product in a round container except STD※1, Colored cotton
  • ※1 STD・・・Standard shape of cotton buds (Normal shape)
  • ※2 JEP・・・Package for pair pack

The cotton buds making process

The fully automated production line
①Feed stems

Apply stems

②Shape cotton

adhere cotton with lower glue
Shape cotton with upper glue


Dry cotton buds

④Inspect by camera

Inspection of defective

⑤Feed into containers

Feed 200 cotton buds


Film wrapping

⑦Metal detector

Dust particle inspection

⑧Visual inspection

Final inspection by humans


Automatic packing

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