Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Sanyo Co., Ltd. (“We”) recognize that any personal information provided by you is valuable asset, make an effort to protect them.

1.Collection of personal information

We pledge to collect your personal information by fair and just steps, limiting to the extent necessary for executing the work.

2.Use of personal Information

We will use your Personal Information, limiting to the extent necessary, for the extending the work, in the range of utilization purpose, offer at the time of acquisition.

3.Disclosure to Third Parties

We will not disclose the Personal Information to any third party without your prior consent except when required by the applicable laws and regulations.

4.Management of Personal Information

We maintain the accuracy of personal information and manage in security.
We take IT security measures against unauthorized access or computer virus etc. to prevent loss, destruction, alteration or leakage of personal information,
Also, we find accidents such as loss or problems, through daily inspection, audit or acceptance of complaints, correct and take prevention measures immediately.
We don’t bring out personal information we manage, or let leakage through the network by sending.

5.Disclosure, correction, suspension of use, or erasure of the Personal Information

We respond immediately in the case of you offer to disclosure, correction, suspension of use, or erasure, about personal information we manage.

6.Observance of law and norms

We observe law related personal information, guideline, or other norms, make every effort to protect personal information we manage.
<About inquiry for protection of personal information>
Please inquire about disclosure request, erase application, procedure for personal information.

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